Sculptures for sale

The Sculptures here are made from Bronze, Bronze Resin or Fired Clay.

BRONZE pieces are cast at the foundry using the lost wax process. This process is very long and complex and each piece is then finished, numbered and patinated using acids which alter the colour of the bronze metal itself. These sculptures are cold to the touch and extremely tactile.  They are suitable for outside or indoors.  The Broody Hen, for example, makes a wonderful dining table piece but would be equally happy placed outside.

bronze resin
BRONZE RESIN pieces are also very durable and suitable for the garden as well as inside. A high ratio of bronze metal filler is mixed with resin to make each cast and then polished to reveal the metal. 

The FIRED CLAY pieces are fired in the kiln in my studio. They may be treated with oxides or glazes to produce particular finishes or left as ‘naked’ clay, as, for example, the Baby’s Head or the Aardvark.  These pieces are more suitable for displaying indoors, although I do have fired clay sculptures which have lived outside for many years despite harsh winters.